Each of our Day Tour itineraries includes all the ‘must-do' sightseeing as well as unique and unexpected experiences, where you get the personalised service you deserve.
You will be looked after with the comfort, style and the attention to detail that is Legendary Adventure's brand.
With tours ranging from the serene beauty of East Algarve to a true swim in the region's rich History, and everywhere in between, we have something for everyone.
The smaller group size leads to a relaxed atmosphere allowing more interaction between all on board and allowing us to visit more destinations and spend quality time in each place. Ideal for seniors, families, private groups and VIPs.

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    Interior Algarve and Guadiana

    Discover the rural East Algarve! This is the forgotten and unseen Algarve in the border with Spain.
    We'll take you to Vila Real de Santo António, a city founded in 1774, as a replica of the street layout of central Lisbon after the 1755 earthquake.
    Another stop will be Castro Marim, one of the oldest places in the Algarve, and an important centre of Arab power until 1242, followed by Alcoutim, that appears on a hillside after a sharp bend in the road and river Guadiana, with the spanish San Lucar on the opposite bank.

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    Sun and Mountains

    The lovely Caldeirão Mountain presents astonishing landscapes, as well a wonderful natural, human and architectonic heritage, housing a large number of diversified species of fauna and flora.
    We'll take you to Cachopo, a picturesque mountain village, to S. Brás de Alportel, to the ethnographic museum, with an exquisite traditional handicraft exhibit, and in the neighbourhoods of the beautiful Guadiana Valley we will visit Alcoutim, in the border with Spain.

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    The Historical West Algarve

    Wonder back in time to the era of the Portuguese Discoveries. Start in Silves, Algarve's first capital, where the Islamic heritage is most striking. Visit Lagos, from which bay the caravels set off on the great saga of the 16th century, in search of new worlds, and finish in Sagres, Europe's most southwest place. This is where Prince Henry the Navigator dreamed up the magnificent epic of putting to sea and finding New Worlds, an adventure that was without parallel until five centuries later when astronauts went to the moon.

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    The Best of Lisbon

    Spread across steep hillsides that overlook the Rio Tejo, Lisbon offers gothic cathedrals, majestic monasteries and quaint museums. All are part of the colourful cityscape, but the real delights of discovery lie in wandering the narrow lanes of Lisbon’s lovely backstreets.
    Come with us to meet this incredible and cosmopolitan city, full of history and character.